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Quartermaster Tax Management specializes in helping direct sales professionals like you keep more money in your pocket. We are a one of a kind organization who understands the financial challenges facing direct sales professionals.

Uncle Sam tends to dig deep into the pockets of individuals like yourself. Direct and independent sales professionals see some of highest possible tax liabilities allowed by law. What most people don’t understand is that, with proper planning, those same tax laws can be used to protect your hard-earned income allowing you to bring home more of what you make.

That is where we come in. At Quartermaster, we are backed by a team of professionals who can help you with your sales business and tax liability. From a highly qualified team of CPAs to IRS Auditors, our staff is truly the best in the direct sales world.Fill out the information below and we will have someone contact you to set up an appointment. Make sure you keep that gift card handy. Turning it in nets you an additional $500 savings! 

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