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Quartermaster Tax Management specializes in reducing tax liability up to 50% for small business owners, chiropractors, dentists, and others, ALL WITHOUT CHANGING CPAs. Over the past five years, Don Rasmussen has helped our clients average up to 50% in annual tax savings, with no reduction to their standard of living.

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Chiropractors, tired of overpaying on your taxes?

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Most business owners waste an enormous amount of money in unnecessary taxes, in fact, it’s a complete rip-off. We have a 3-step process to identify how much you are overpaying in taxes and provide a blueprint for a tax-efficient lifestyle.
— Don Rasmussen
Within just a few months, Quartermaster Tax was able to reduce my tax by 56%

— Dr. Jeff Cook
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Our success depends on the success of our clients.

Each family comes to us with unique businesses, goals and needs. It’s our role to simplify and strengthen their lives by implementing strategic financial solutions. We invite you to hear directly from some of our clients:


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