4 Ways to Make Little Changes Large

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“Kaizen is the practice of continuous improvement.”
Kaizen originated as a business philosophy but it can be used in many areas of your life, from health, relationships, finances and more!

  1. Commit to the Process
    In order develop a routine and take regular action, schedule time on your calendar to review your previous finances. How much did you spend last week, last month and where did you

  2. Make Many Small Changes
    Here a few ideas: Make an investment, open a better bank account, get a newcash-back credit card, review your car insurance for the best deal, learn to spend less on groceries, learn to save on gasoline.

  3. Analyze Your Results and Modify Your Efforts
    Keep a list of the financial changes you have made. Then, occasionally review them and identify what is working, what is not working and how you can continue improving.

  4. Keep Improving
    Making incremental changes won’t be as big of a shock as making large changes as first. When one change becomes a habit, add anothersmall change.